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The Divine Lord Who Is A Redeemer

There was a time when millions of people suffered from poverty and diseases and none showed interest to rescue them from the grips of ailments. So the Messiah the Lord took a resolution to enter the earth in human form and rescue the people suffering from both psychological and physical sufferings. The day came and the Holy Father Jesus was born to rescue the people from misery.He left the earth after sacrificing his whole life for the welfare of the poor and poverty stricken people. This spiritual congregation conducted by world famous speakers and fathers will change the life of the people in a short span of time. Hear with ecstasy what Messiah has delivered to the world. The psalms will teach the participants many things and they will understand the true meaning of spiritualism. Hundreds of participants from various parts of the world will flock to this divine destination only to take part in this world class spiritual gathering. They can dance and celebrate the day with fun and frolic. The Jesus will redeem the participants and direct them to the path of spiritualism. Many people irrespective of caste, creed, nation and religion will gather in the upcoming gathering and witness a spectacular event.

The Day Will Be An Unexplainable Celebration

Come fall in love with the lord who has rescued hundreds of people from misery. Hold the breath since there are many interesting things that follow. The gathering will witness world famous singers, musicians, celebrities and speakers. The excitement will multiply when the bands play the Christ songs for hours together. The participants will learn something about Sunday is not the Sabbath and other important points about the religion. This event will colorful and will be worth watching. Bring all the family members, friends, colleagues and others since they will also take part in this function with great enjoyment. Everyone will sing a song praising the Lord Jesus and shout Alleluia. Vent out the suppression and feelings in this function and receive the blessings of the Lord.Lord will be waiting in a corner in this event with his open heart to heal the sufferers.