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Keeping Gelato Fresh for Longer

When you make gelato at home, or for a business, you want to keep it fresh as long as possible. One way is to use gelato cups and spoons, covering the cups with plastic wrap before putting them in the freezer. A spoon can be taped to the top of the plastic or placed inside the cup before it’s wrapped, leaving the end of the spoon sticking out through a small slit in the plastic. This limits exposure to the dry and freezing air in your refrigerator. According to Gelato Products, the moisture dissipates from the creamy treat, and the result is a change in texture.

Another option is to serve the gelato as soon as it’s prepared so that it has the freshest taste possible.

When working with gelato suppliers, ask about proper freezing techniques as well as equipment that is sold by the company that can keep gelato frozen for longer periods of time. The supplier can offer tips on where to store the product in the freezer so that it stays colder. Suppliers will often have containers of various sizes so that you can make the amount of gelato to suit the home or business.

Preparing gelato sometimes means storing it in a large pan. There are gelato pan liners that can help to prevent the product from sticking to the bottom, which will help keep it fresh. Another tip is to make a white base that is stored in the pan, adding flavoring once it’s ready to be used as a plain white or vanilla base will stay fresh longer than one that has fruits and flavors blended inside.