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A comprehensive Guide on Google’s Algorithmic penalty

Google’s algorithmic penalty is caused by an update in their search engine algorithm that detects and flags inconsistencies between your website’s optimization and their guidelines. An algorithmic penalty is not easily detectable as there are no alerts associated with it. In Google’s attempt at creating a search engine that provides users with the most relevant results to their search terms many updates have been made on their search engine algorithm. It is therefore important to be well versed in what these algorithmic updates are and what they focus on. This will be invaluable in dealing with algorithmic penalties.

Google’s algorithmic penalties fall into two categories i.e. panda or penguin. These target either on page or off page optimization techniques used on your website.

Panda updates can be rolled out every other month unannounced. They are normally concerned with the quality of the content in your site. Panda checks your site for duplicated or poor quality content and in turn reduces your sites ranking in search engine results based on this. To recover from this specific penalty a webmaster is supposed to replace the duplicated content with original content that adds value to the wealth of knowledge in the internet. Webmasters can also block these pages from being indexed by the search engine so as to recover from this penalty.

Penguin updates roll out in specific times of the year and are characterized by announcements from Google. This search engine algorithm update is aimed at penalizing websites using black hat SEO techniques to enhance search engine rankings. This algorithm update is triggered flags the use of link schemes in enhancing search engine ranking s of a web page.

The goal of both Panda and Penguin updates is to enhance user experience while providing the most relevant results to internet users using Google’s search engine.

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