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Innovative Social Media Ideas In China For Advertising

Social media is one of the tools used to advertise most of the brands. It is used to connect with the people from many years onwards. People also connected to the social media within a short time of span. Nowadays without social media one can also not survive. Like that the social media converts the people. Taking this as an advantage many brands advertising in these social media to become popular, Of course one should have innovative ideas to start this. There are high profile incidents in the social media. Advertise on this high profiles will get good views and reputation. Some laughing points are there which are easily recognizable to the public. It is useful to advertise in those to get the huge followers. Version upgrade in the mobile app is also the best idea. Some will like Maldives theme and some will like Tajmahal theme and like that.


 It will get benefit for them. Virus campaign is the present trend for advertising. For example recently ice bucket challenge came. They created a good reason called charity and popularize it. Many people done that ice bucket challenge and that challenge give to their friends and relatives. By this their popularity increases. This is one of the innovative ideas. Haier is one of the popular groups in china. It releases the cosmic series in the social media. The cosmic series represents about the post 80’s. They also advertise cosmic series to get the popularity for their brand among people. Different background people market their different brands by using any of the social Medias.

As it directly connects to the people. Social media also get advantage with these. They will charge to these brands to advertise on their sites. Face book and whatsapp and wechat are the famous social media used by people. Some market their profile by taking the high profile incidents and some are using the other basis. For the advertising their brands one should have highly innovative and creative ideas to popularize their brands among public.