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Using an ACME thread tap? Know about the other 7 tap varieties!

It was not too long ago, when I had the responsibility of finding a suitable thread cutting tool to create screw threads. It’s true that my search process was quite daunting! But, I need to admit that nothing proved to be more pleasant when I was able to get a fruitful result in the form of an ACME thread tap. However, there are UN thread taps as well for catering to other specific purposes.

Are you wondering what these thread taps are and how beneficial as a threading tool are they? Well, relax. These are the best ways you can create a new pattern of threads or renew it, both inside and outside of any metal component. These are the secrets to bring your metal components back to life!

Know the categories to select your preferable type!

Thread taps can be used for a variety of reasons based on the purposes they serve. Now before you finalize on an ACME tap or even a UN thread tap as some people prefer, consider checking out the other categories first!

  1. Spiral Flute Tap

Such threading taps are used with soft steel and machines on aluminum. The threading created by a spiral flute tap is much deeper and accurate. This is because its shape allows the chips to be propelled accurately and neatly out of a hole.

  1. Straight Flute tap

A straight tap forms to be the most simple and reasonable tap, perfect for all your purposes. This tap was particularly crafted to be used by a person manually. With a corrugated surface, this straight flute UN thread tap consists of straight threads to help you achieve your desired result.

  1. Gun Taps

Gun taps have straight flutes with an angular cutting face and these are specifically known for providing exact cutting.

  1. Pipe Taps

Pipe taps are smaller as compared to the sizes of other taps. With these taps, you can either use taper or parallel threads. Just like the straight flute taps, you can even use it manually. Further, these are equally compatible with machines.

  1. Spiral Pointed Tap

If you want a tap for any mass production, then remember that finalizing on a spiral pointed tap will be your best decision. These thread taps have been designed in a way that results in bulk production. It has one leading flute that is grounded at an angle within the accessibility of the tap. Further, if you get a spiral pointed ACME thread tap, you can even propel chips so that the threading does not get hampered.

  1. Long Shank Machine Taps

As opposed to the previous tap, these taps are longer than others. Further, these come in various types too.

  1. Machine NIB Tap

If you are involved in manufacturing nuts, then machine taps are your call. These are crafted in a way that the shape of your desired nut comes out perfectly.

Since I am involved in a business with bulk production, using an ACME tap has been my best decision. However, before you invest on any tap variety, it’s better if you get in touch with experts who can guide you the best on the thread tap ideal for you. Contact a reputed online tap supplier and check if you need an ACME thread tap or a UN tap!