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How to learn to trade Forex yourself?

The Network is represented by the mass of educational materials: books, webinars, manuals, video tutorials. The first difficulty with which a novice trader will face is an abundance of information. First you need to study the elementary truths: what is forex, why the exchange rate is constantly changing, what are the methods for the analysis of the market situation. Perhaps this process will take a little more time than training courses at Forex brokers, but in the end the difference will hardly be noticeable.

Studz the work with free forex trading software. The second mandatory stage of self-learning Forex trading is trading on a demo account. Neglect trade with virtual money is not necessary – it will help to avoid mistakes in the future. Do not buy a variety of information products that promise high earnings in a month. Usually they contain publicly available information on the web, overwriting any other language.

After accumulating a sufficient theoretical base and the acquisition of skills to work with the MT4 terminal, which offer traders, many forex brokers, you can start real trading. You need to decide on a trading strategy and hone it on a demo account until now. Commercial real money is a great way to exercise restraint and willpower, without which the successful trader’s career should not even dream of.

Training courses in Forex brokers, webinars other organizations, independent study of trading are just a way of market knowledge. Main role in the educational process of learning the tricks of trading currencies assigned to the development of practical skills and create your own strategy based on personal experience. Can tell on training courses that you must always follow the rules of the trading system, but to learn that a person can only own. In practice, it turns out that traders often overlook profitable signals because of the uncertainty and enter the market, where do not need to give an unscheduled loss. Statistics system will become uncontrollable.

In studies with Forex brokers should not have high expectations. Courses – is a way to save time searching for information. You will be taught to trade in the Forex market, but will have to learn to make a profit for himself. If your main goal is to make money in Forex, then you do not need to trade yourself. You can become a partner broker and choose one of the options for cooperation for forex earning.